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Graphic Design in 2020 - It's Time to Outsource

In a time when it's becoming increasingly important to promote your company's values, commitments and mission, businesses around the globe are turning to freelance graphic designers. Here's why:

It Increases Brand Exposure

Due to the current situation, you may be inclined to reposition your brand, change your offerings, or even showcase your company's CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). Hiring an experienced freelance graphic designer not only helps clearly communicate your brand's messaging, it can also increase brand exposure in a time where other companies are falling behind. Strategic marketing is vital in the time of a crisis, and effective graphic design can ensure that your message is clear.

It Minimizes Risk

Outsourcing your graphic design work can create new opportunities for your brand without adding to the payroll headcount. Unlike traditional employees, freelancers don't have the right to collect unemployment insurance and many other benefits, minimizing risk if things don't work out as expected.

It Saves Money

Even if outsourcing your graphic design work means paying a higher hourly rate, the overall savings outweigh the cost when you factor in office space, health insurance, retirement and Social Security. Many companies are benefiting from hiring graphic designers either hourly or with a monthly retainer. This allows for increased flexibility, especially in times of economic uncertainty.

It Brings New Perspectives

In a year when time and resources are limited, it's important to make sure every penny is well spent. The best piece of business advice I've heard is to be intentional with who you hire - always go for the specialists. Not only does it save money in the long run, it ensures that your time is spent efficiently and brings fresh perspectives to your business.

Looking to outsource your graphic design work in 2020? Contact me and we can discuss how Prisma Media can work with your brand.


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